China News Service, Kunming, May 24th. On the morning of the 24th, Cheng Lianyuan, member of the Standing Committee of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Kunming Municipal Party Committee, led a team to supervise the rectification of the over-development of the ancient Yunnan city Changyaoshan area.

He emphasized that it is necessary to carry out strict inspections, conduct reforms, and fully grasp the feedback from the central ecological and environmental protection inspectors to rectify problems.

  At present, various rectification work on the over-exploitation of Changyaoshan area, a famous ancient city in Yunnan, is progressing vigorously and orderly.

Cheng Lianyuan and his entourage went to the rectification site in Changyaoshan area, inspected the rectification measures and the degree of rectification on the spot, and studied and solved existing problems.

  Cheng Lianyuan emphasized that, first, we must strictly investigate development projects around the lake, and strictly rectify illegal development activities in accordance with the law.

All construction projects around the Dianchi Lake will be thoroughly investigated in a full-scale, pulling-net-style, strictly in accordance with the "Dianchi Lake Protection Regulations of Yunnan Province", the legal compliance of the projects will be carefully checked, and the illegal and illegal projects that are "attached to the line" will be resolutely cleaned up.

All buildings (structures) that are not related to the protection of Dianchi Lake shall be completely demolished in the Dianchi first-class protection zone; all real estate projects in the Dianchi second-class protection zone will be strictly rectified; Dianchi third-class protection zone All projects in the protection zone "attachment construction" shall be strictly controlled in accordance with laws and regulations, and the total amount shall be resolutely reduced to reduce the intensity of development.

  Second, we must strictly investigate the behavior of cadres in the development and construction of the lake, and strictly hold accountable cadres who violate discipline and law.

Strictly investigate the cadres who are untruthful, inaction, and act indiscriminately, cadres who are inadequate in supervision, negligence, and dereliction of duty, cadres who make false rectification, perfunctory rectification, and deceive the top and the bottom, and rigorously investigate the collusion of officials and businessmen, the use of power for personal gain, and the knowledge of the law , Corrupt cadres and pervert the law.

All violations of discipline and law in the development and construction of the lake will be thoroughly investigated, severely held accountable, and a group of cadres must be investigated and dealt with seriously. No matter who is involved, no matter what time period is involved, the responsibility must be investigated to the end. Never hesitate to be vague, never tolerate accommodating, and resolutely investigate and punish severely, and be held accountable.

  Third, we must strictly investigate the problems in laws, regulations, and systems and mechanisms, and strictly improve various regulations and systems to plug loopholes.

Actively cooperate with the revision of the "Regulations on the Protection of Dianchi Lake in Yunnan Province", expedite the drafting of Dianchi Lake protection work rules, pay close attention to the preparation of the "Dianchi Lake Conservation Plan" and the "Dianchi Lake Basin Land Space Protection and Utilization Plan (2020-2035)", and complete and promulgate the "Kunming City Environmental Protection Plan" as soon as possible. Dianchi Lake Spatial Form and Urban Skyline Control Planning."

Strengthen the implementation of the system, strengthen the law enforcement linkage between departments and regions, implement top-level law enforcement supervision, and effectively improve the level of protection and governance of Dianchi Lake.