Several cities in America, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Arab world witnessed a new wave of demonstrations condemning the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, and protesters in Western countries called on their governments to stop supporting Israel.

Two days after the ceasefire came into effect in Gaza, thousands took part on Saturday in a rally in New York City to condemn the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.

The demonstrators - who have many Arab origins - raised banners denouncing the violations and killings committed by Israel against Palestinian civilians, and demanded an end to support for Israel and settlement building.

In the state of Michigan, American activists in the university city "Ann Arbor" participated in a march in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and condemned the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, and the city of Raleigh in North Carolina witnessed a similar demonstration.

These demonstrations were an extension of several marches organized in Michigan and a number of American states in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

In Canada, hundreds of Arab and Muslim activists organized a march in the city of Toronto in support of Palestine and its resistance, calling for international action to stop the Israeli violations against the Palestinians and the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Hundreds of people demonstrated in Montreal, Canada, on Saturday, waving Palestinian flags and banners reading "Free Palestine."

Demonstrators in New York demanded an end to support for Israel and settlement building (Anatolia)

Europe and Australia

In Europe, the largest marches were in Britain, where tens of thousands demonstrated in central London, expressing their solidarity with the Palestinian people, and denouncing what they consider the collusion of the British government with Israel in its crimes against Palestinian civilians.

Hundreds of people demonstrated in several cities in Germany, including Berlin, Frankfurt and Leipzig, and the protesters carried banners reading "Free Palestine", demanding Western governments not to align themselves with the Israeli occupation.

In Paris, the demonstrators demanded the French government and the European Union countries to stop all forms of military cooperation with Israel, and to refrain from selling weapons that are used in the oppression of the Palestinian people.

Thousands of people demonstrated yesterday, Saturday, in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, in solidarity with the Palestinian people, condemning the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip, and the demonstrators raised slogans denouncing the crackdowns against civilians in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip and the occupation forces ’targeting media offices.

In Bosnia, Al-Jazeera Net correspondent reported that thousands of Bosnians organized a sit-in yesterday, Saturday, in the capital, Sarajevo, to express their solidarity with Palestine, and to express their joy at the Palestinians' victory in the face of the Israeli aggression.

During the stand called by the "Muslim Youth", "Akos" cultural associations, and the "Bosnian-Palestinian Friendship";

The participants affirmed that Bosnia has never stood and will never stand with the aggressors.

The head of the Palestinian community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Majid Maarouf, told Al-Jazeera Net that the aim of the gathering is to send a message of peace and inform the Israeli occupier that the time has come to liberate Palestine.

In Australia, massive demonstrations took place on Saturday in Sydney and Melbourne, in which the demonstrators raised Palestinian flags and banners describing what happened in Gaza as a crime of genocide, and denounced the policy of racial discrimination practiced by Israel, chanting slogans in support of the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause.

A demonstration in support of the Palestinians took place in the Tunisian capital before the ceasefire was announced (Reuters)

Demonstrations in Arab countries

And in the Arab world, yesterday, Saturday, demonstrations took place in the center of the Lebanese capital Beirut in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and the participants raised the Palestinian and Lebanese flags, and shouted slogans denouncing the Israeli attacks that affected the Palestinians in the occupied territories and the Gaza Strip.

In Mauritania, which has also witnessed demonstrations in support of Palestine, the Mauritanian parliament called on the International Criminal Court to follow up on the Israeli officials involved in the attacks on the Palestinians, and to consider the continuous aggression against the Palestinian people as one of the most heinous crimes of genocide.

For its part, the Bahraini Palestine Support Society organized a solidarity stand with Jerusalem under the title "We will not let you down." The demonstrators raised slogans of solidarity with the Palestinian people, and speakers from Bahrain and Palestine also participated in the stand.

Concurrently, a demonstration took place in the Yemeni city of Taiz, in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and to condemn the violations committed by the Israeli occupation army in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the occupied territories.

The demonstrators stressed the Palestinians' right to have an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, and praised the role of the Palestinian factions in facing the occupation and their defense of Islamic sanctities, stressing that the Palestinian issue was and will remain the central and first issue of the Yemeni people.

In Tunisia, which in the past few days has witnessed popular movements in support of the Palestinian people in most of the country's governorates, several demonstrations were organized in the Sfax Governorate in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to celebrate what they considered a victory for the Palestinian factions in the recent confrontation with Israel.

The participants condemned the Israeli violations on the Gaza Strip and the rest of the Palestinian territories, and demanded the enactment of a law criminalizing normalization with Israel.