Famous brand names are not always simple and easy to remember, and even with something that usually reminds us of them, the element of distinction may be the product of a mistake as is the case with "Spotify", or the result of something as simple as what Mattel did. When using the names of its founders.

In this report, the Spanish site "Genial" discussed interesting facts about the names of the most famous trademarks in the world.


One of the most famous brands in the world took its inspiration from a Korean symbol that undoubtedly reflects what it is today. The word "Samsung" in the Korean language means the three stars "strength, persistence and optimism."

At its inception, Samsung was specialized in exporting foodstuffs, and with the passage of time it expanded its activities to include manufacturing products until the end of the sixties, when it launched its first black and white television in the market, thus writing a new chapter in its history.


The group "Bimbo" - which is originally from Mexico - chose this name among others such as "Bana Azteca" and "Saprosoy", and the inspiration came from the combination of the name of a popular game called "bingo" (bingo) with the name "Bambi" She is a character from the Disney movie.


The famous construction toys "Lego" belong to a family furniture company in Denmark that devoted itself exclusively to making wooden toys and then producing them from colored plastic parts. The name of the brand is an abbreviation of the Danish phrase "leg godt" which means "play well".

Lego belongs to a family furniture company in Denmark (Getty Images)


The Japanese company Canon uses the modified name for its first camera when it was still known as the "Laboratory of Precision Optical Devices", and initially called it "Kuanon", a Buddhist concept associated with compassion.


Mattel took its first steps as a toy company in 1945 when designers and engineers joined Matson "Matt", Elliott and Ruth Handler into a garage to repair cars and used their acronyms as their brand name. According to its history, some of the most famous toys they made were linked to the family of inventors, such as balls. Magic 8 Poonam, launched in 1950, was inspired by the profession of the inventor's mother who was blind.

The game appeared Barbie thanks to the daughter of Ruth Handler, who was appointed president of "Mattel" for several years, and who came up with the idea thanks to her daughter Barbara, who had been playing with paper dolls for hours, and she saw that there is an opportunity to inspire other young girls through a three-dimensional game.


The domain "eBay.com" (eBay.com) had nothing to do with what it is today, and this domain was originally attributed to Pierre Omidyar, who in 1995 launched a prototype of an online space in which auctions could be held, and he embodied this idea in That time in the form of a service on his personal website called Auction Web until it eventually turned into what it is today.

Pierre Omidyar launched in 1995 a prototype of an online space for auctions that today has become "eBay" (European)


The Hotmail service was launched more than two decades ago, and in 1996 it became one of the first free e-mail services that many people received their first e-mail through. The name that the creators came up with was "Hotmail", a tribute to the hypertext markup language used in designing Web pages and websites, combined with the phrase "mile".

The founders of this service are Saber Bhatia and Jack Smith who met while studying at Stanford University and worked together at Apple in 1995.


In its early days, "Nokia" was far from the handset business. It was founded in 1864 and was engaged in the pulp and paper industry. At that time, the second plant of the company, located in Finland, was moved to a site near the Nokianverta River, and after About 100 years ago - specifically in 1960 - the company - which derived its name from the Finnish River - began working in the telecommunications sector.

Nokia was far from the phone business as it was working in the pulp and paper industry (Reuters)


The name and logo of Nike are derived from the myths of ancient Greece, Nike is the name of the winged goddess of victory, and the trademark symbol - which was known as “Swoosh” (the sound that is heard when running) - refers to the wings of these gods, which is what It was confirmed by its designer, Caroline Davidson, who was a student in design.


At just 23 years old, Daniel Icke, along with Martin Lorentzon (a 42-year-old Silicon Valley entrepreneur) decided to combine my hobbies with music and technology even if that meant risking their fortunes. "It annoyed me that the music industry has declined." Although now people are listening to more music and more artists. "

At the time the initiative was named, they were both in Daniel's apartment, and they had no idea what to do. At that time, Lorentzon suggested a name to Ik, but he didn't hear it properly and wrote the word "Spotify" on Google, and when the search result was zero, he recorded The name and they started the work.