Will the Israeli offensive on Gaza be defused?

A senior military official in the Hebrew state told reporters on Wednesday whether a "ceasefire" was under consideration, but said Israel was ready for an extension of the offensive. on the Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

"We are studying the question of the opportune moment for a ceasefire" but "we are preparing for several days" of additional operation, the official said, adding that Israel was checking whether its offensive had "achieved its objectives".

"Reduce the military capabilities of Hamas"

By launching its air offensive on the Gaza Strip on May 10, Israel did not content itself with responding to the barrage of rockets fired at its towns, but above all wanted to "seize the opportunity to reduce Hamas' military capabilities" , he added.

"The question now is whether Hamas understands the message," the senior Israeli army official said.

In addition to rocket launching sites, Israeli forces say they targeted several Hamas headquarters, the homes of its leaders, equipment and undergrounds used for the movement of munitions and activists.

Israel says it has carried out more than 820 strikes since May 10, mostly air raids, on the densely populated Palestinian enclave, where at least 219 people have been killed according to the local health ministry.

In Israel, rocket fire from Gaza killed 12 people, according to Israeli police.


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