The Israeli army continues air strikes targeting armed groups in the Gaza Strip in Palestine on the 18th.

More than 200 people have died in the Gaza Strip, and nearly 40,000 people have been displaced by airstrikes. On the Palestinian side, shops are being closed to protest Israel.

The exchange of attacks between Israel and Hamas, an Islamic fundamentalist organization that effectively controls the Gaza Strip, continued for 18 days, and the Israeli army targeted buildings such as the residences of the general public as Hamas' base We are conducting an air bomb.

So far, 212 people, including 61 children, have died in the Gaza Strip, and 10 people, including one child, have died on the Israeli side.

According to the United Nations, in the Gaza Strip, about 38,000 people have been forced to evacuate to schools run by the United Nations due to the destruction of their homes by air strikes.

Under these circumstances, strikes were held in the West Bank of Palestine and East Jerusalem. In Bethlehem, all schools were closed, shops were closed, and protests were made against Israel.

The United Nations Security Council held a third meeting on the 16th with the aim of issuing a message to ease tensions between Israel and Palestine, but the United States, which is closer to Israel, once again opposed it, and the international community The number of victims continues to increase due to attacks by both sides, despite the lack of consistent response.