Tesla's share price fell again due to Tesla's founder, Elon Musk, who shook the cryptocurrency market with unrefined remarks.

Because of this, Musk, who was once the richest man in the world, was also pushed to third place in the rich man rankings.

Tesla shares closed at $576.83, down 2.19% from the US New York Stock Exchange on the 17th local time.

Tesla's stock price also fell a day after Musk sent an ambiguous tweet about Bitcoin the day before, causing another shock wave in the cryptocurrency market.

Musk commented on a Tweet that predicted Tesla would dispose of Bitcoin on the 16th as "Indeed," which is interpreted as'really' or'so'.

The tweet was interpreted as Tesla's selling bitcoin, and bitcoin prices plummeted.

Musk explained that Tesla hadn't sold any bitcoins after 10 hours, but the cryptocurrency market had already been devastated.

Prior to this, Musk said last week that Tesla refused to accept bitcoin payments, causing a sharp decline in the cryptocurrency market, and Tesla's share price fell sharply for the fourth consecutive day.

It is a vicious circle that shakes the cryptocurrency market with unrefined remarks, and in the aftermath of the anger of investors, the stock price of Tesla falls.

Bloomberg reported that a drop in Tesla stock prices gave Musk the second-richest position in the world to Bernard Arno Louis Vuitton, chairman of Moe Hennessy ($164 billion) and fell one notch to third.

Musk's wealth was valued at $160.6 billion (182.76 trillion won), down 24% from its highest in January.