May 17, 2021


Deconfinement, to your health!

The French next Wednesday find shops, restaurants and cafes open amidst sanitary prudence and impatience for the return to normal

Israel-Palestine: in the face of the escalation, impotence and the division of the United Nations

As the bombings intensify, the attempts to reach a ceasefires are broken, mainly due to the American veto

Le Parisien

The epidemic recedes, table service is approaching.

Minus two.

The number of patients in intensive care is decreasing, the indicators point to the green light and every Frenchman has only one thing in mind: to take advantage of outdoor tables the day after tomorrow, of accessible cinemas again!


Catalonia I study the removal of the mask despite the evenings out of control.

The Generalitat believes that the gatherings found with the end of the state of alarm do not have a great epidemiological impact

Cinco Dias

Hotel bookings double and boost seasonal tourism

Last-minute requests in Spain are back to 72% of the pre-crisis level driven by strong domestic demand

Diario Noticias

Hospital-prepared vaccines reach more people with fewer doses. In the preparation of 10 4000 doses of vaccines, the pharmaceutical service of the Santa Maria Hospital managed to obtain 220 more. Which will allow more than 100 other people to be vaccinated. Experts sure: a third dose of vaccine booster will be needed

Diplomacy in search of a solution to end the conflict between Israel and Gaza.  

"The situation remains grim, with increasing loss of life," says Matthias Schmale, director of the UN refugee agency in Gaza. "Buildings are hit and people are terrified," adds the UN official. The agency has 13,000 people working in Gaza. "If the United States sends a clear message to the Israeli side and also to the Palestinians", involving "other countries such as Egypt and Qatar, we can reach a ceasefire". If this does not happen, fuel, food and medicine could start to run out, the UN official warns. Matthias Schmale explains that "As a humanitarian worker, I would say yes, there are war crimes going on. At least 13 children who went to our schools were killed, for no reason:it's a war crime. For me, killing civilians is a war crime. "

The i

The new freedoms arrive with a health warning

Hugs and socialization even in closed places are about to return with the relaxation of the restrictions adopted since the beginning of the lockdown. Boris Johnson pleased to remove them but recommends great caution amid fears that the Indian variant of the virus is spreading to the UK. Cinema pubs and restaurants are once again welcoming customers indoors. Travel permits to green list countries but the Secretary of Health warns against trips to Greece and Spain and Labor asks to completely prevent holidays abroad

Daily Telegraph

Do your part to beat the variant, asks Prime Minister 

Boris Johnson even though most of the patients infected with the new variant have not yet been vaccinated

The Times

Bolton, the queue of residents to get vaccinated and try to stem the spread of the Indian variant, over 9 thousand people in the area vaccinated over the weekend.

Attempts to avoid a local lockdown by extending vaccinations to teenagers Vacation

plans in chaos

British citizens are asked to stay away from a list of countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Greece where vaccinated people are still few to think of a herd immunity


European reopening tests vaccines

France Germany Italy and Spain are optimistic but removing restrictions could lead to a resumption of infections.

Crucial next month

Netanyahu intends to strike Hamas with full force despite calls for a ceasefire


Seehofer announces a tough initiative against anti-Semitism   

Interior Minister Hortst Seehofer (CSU) announced the crackdown on attacks on Jewish institutions in Germany. "We will not tolerate Israeli flags burning on German soil and attacking Jewish institutions," Seehofer said. "Anyone who spreads anti-Semitic hatred will feel all the harshness of the rule of law." Faced with the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, thousands of people took to the streets in German cities on Saturday to express their solidarity with the Palestinians. In various demonstrations there have been accidents and clashes. In the previous days there had been anti-Semitic and anti-Israel demonstrations in several cities: "Jews must never live in fear in Germany again," Seehofer said.

Die Presse

Israel's strategy against Hamas

Another difficult weekend in Gaza and Israel.

The bombings and rocket launches continue.

Netayahu wants to inflict permanent damage to Hamas structures and leadership in Gaza, which responds with a wave of rockets towards Tel Aviv

L'Orient le jour

A conflict of unprecedented intensity between Israel and Hamas.

The story of the witnesses.

One of the residents of Gaza speaks: it is terrible to see the house where I lived pulverized on TV

La Croix

the escalation of desolation

After a week of hostility, Israelis and Palestinians accuse each other of the responsibility for the conflict, which now extends to the West Bank 

Le Monde

Israel intensifies its response to Gaza in international impotence

Western chancelleries have accompanied the military escalation between the armed factions of Gaza and Israel with their shabby and classic words. "Return to calm", an invitation to "dialogue". This disconnect between diplomatic semantics and the terrifying reality on the ground, observed for years, undermines the credibility of capitals. This week the United Nations Security Council illustrated this international helplessness. The block there is American. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict reveals, like other crises, the obvious: there is no "international community", but a fragmented, competitive, tormented world without hegemonic power. The Covid-19 epidemic has accelerated the disintegration of traditional multilateral frameworks. Europeans, divided and petrified, cannot be heard.Some countries, particularly France, fear a further import of the conflict into their territory and a surge in anti-Semitic acts. Others, in Eastern Europe, block any so-called "anti-Israel" initiative. The European Union has therefore given up on exerting any pressure on Israel that the occupation continues endlessly as colonization progresses. For years, the Israeli nationalist right has engaged in a racist stigmatization of the Arab minority. Have Western capitals measured the widespread poison? Do we believe these words only thrive in their enclosure, in a country where Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered by a Jewish extremist in 1995, long before the age of social media? The catechism of the "two-state solution"it brings together fewer and fewer convinced and motivated followers.


No signs of an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the bombing of Gaza.

When fighting erupts between Israel and Hamas, questions about war crimes follow.

Civilian deaths raise questions about what military actions are legal, what war crimes are being committed, and who, if any, will be held accountable.

Attention to civilian casualties has become more intense than ever in a seemingly impossible-to-win war.

In the photo a man in Gaza who lost his wife and three children in the bombing.

Israel said the operation aimed to destroy Hamas tunnels


Israel says it will move forward as death toll increases in Gaza

The truth to bear in mind is that this conflict was initiated by Hamas and another radical group, Islamic Jihad. They are attempting to kill Israeli civilians with Iran-supplied rockets, or manufactured in Gaza with Iran-supplied parts. Hamas' rocket arsenal is larger and more sophisticated than ever, and the Israeli Defense Forces have claimed that Islamists have fired some 3,000 rockets at Israel. The miracle is that no more Israelis have died, and this is largely due to Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system. Once Hamas initiates one of these missile offensives, Israel has an obligation to its people to degrade the threat. This means attacking the underground tunnels where weapons are produced and stored. Israel wants to avoid aground raid, which would increase casualties on both sides, but that means his aerial assault must be aggressive and last long enough to get the job done. Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministers are well aware that diplomatic costs are rising every day as bombing continues. But they can hardly stop as long as the rockets keep coming. One of Iran's goals in encouraging the Hamas missile offensive is to blow up last year's Abrahamic agreements between Israel and several Arab states. The agreements have been the best opening for Arab-Jewish peace in decades and have created a potential united front against Iranian projects of regional domination. Hamas and Iran now see the possibility of returning to the trend of the Obama years,when US-Israel relations frayed and Iran was on the rise. All of this should stop the Biden administration in its race to return to the failed 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Biden and his strategists think the return to the nuclear deal will help the United States disengage from the Middle East. As the Hamas-Israel conflict shows, the opposite is more likely to happen.