On the first working day after the third level of alert in Taipei and New Taipei City, Taiwan media witnessed: Taipei MRT and Taiwan Railway were deserted

  [Global Network Reporter Zhao Youping] Taiwan’s "ETtoday News Cloud" and other Taiwan media reported that Shuangbei (Taipei, New Taipei) entered the first working day after entering the third level of epidemic prevention alert. Following the empty city scene in major commercial areas and attractions on the weekend, today (17th), the Taipei MRT (equivalent to the mainland subway, serving the urban rail transit of Taipei and New Taipei) is obviously less crowded than in the past.

In addition, the Taiwan Railway Taipei Station, which is usually overcrowded, has seen a sharp drop in crowds.

  According to Taiwan’s “ETtoday News Cloud” report, the Taipei MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station is connected to the Wenhu Line and the Bannan Line, and the surrounding department stores and commerce are booming. The crowds on weekdays and holidays are quite crowded. After level alert, the reporter of "ETtoday News Cloud" went to the station to check on the first working day and found that there were few passengers on the escalator, and people kept a certain distance between them.

  According to reports, there is no need to queue at the entrance and exit of the MRT station, and the waiting hall is quite deserted. It is not until the MRT station arrives that the passengers leaving the station form a small group of people.

  In addition, Taiwan’s “Lianhe News Network” stated that after Shuangbei’s increased epidemic prevention alert, Taiwan Railways will implement control during peak hours from today (17th). However, due to the implementation of flexible working hours by migrant workers, many companies independently diverted to work and stay at home. Going to work, so this morning, during the rush hour on Monday, which was supposed to be busy this morning, the number of people in Taiwan Railways dropped sharply and there was no crowding.

  According to the report, "Lianhe News Network" reporters observed on the Taiwan Railways and found that during working hours on Monday, the crowds of Taipei Station, which is usually overcrowded, dropped sharply. In addition to wearing masks, some people also wore gloves. Commuter Mr. Chen said that it was originally. The commuter train was almost full at this time, and the platforms were full, but today it is much less and the atmosphere in the carriages is embarrassing; Mrs. Wang, who wants to go to Taitung to go to her son, said that in the past, the platforms were crowded during working hours. People are not as empty as today. She estimates that the flow of people has been reduced by at least 80%.

  Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” stated that the first day of work when the Shuangbei epidemic prevention was upgraded to the third level of alert. Although many people abandoned public transportation and switched to cars and motorcycles, the traffic flow, including Taipei Bridge, was significantly reduced. .

  The Taiwan Epidemic Command Center announced on the 16th that Taiwan had 207 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, 206 local and 1 imported cases.

As of the 16th, the total number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Taiwan reached 1682, of which 550 were local cases.