In total, Skånetrafiken had to sweep up 75 tonnes of broken glass from broken bus shelters last year.

Helsingborg tops the Skåne list, but more northwest Skåne municipalities stand out (see fact box below).

Second on the list is Kristianstad with 106 such incidents and in third place is Malmö with 138 cases of broken bus shelters.

Compared with the year before, this is a marked increase.

Train stations are also exposed

But train stations, not least ticket machines, are also exposed to vandalism and graffiti.

There, the Scanian damage list is topped by Maria station in Helsingborg.

The costs are also increasing.

Last year, all damage to bus shelters and train stations cost SEK 12 million, several million more than in 2019.

Pandemic a cause

Henrik Nyström, head of risk and safety at Skånetrafiken, believes that the pandemic is part of the explanation for the increase.

- More people are at home and do not move out on the streets and squares, so social control is reduced.

Skånetrafiken is now testing a new plastic material instead of glass in selected bus shelters, including in Helsingborg.

In the video above, Henrik Nyström tells more about the problem and Helsingborgers tell how they view the damage.