When immunity against Covid is practically a fact, Spanish companies must be ready to accelerate to more than 130 knots and relaunch their flight.

Few will do it more prepared than someone who is already on the way to 100 years of experience staying afloat.

Iberia faces the new economic stage with the conscientious approach of an

industrial aeronautical hub unparalleled in Europe: Aviation Eco-Tech Hub


Supported by Next Generation EU European funds, this industrial aeronautical hub is part of a macro-project that the main

Spanish airline and the manufacturer Airbus have presented to Europe, and which Vueling, Aena and Enaire have joined

. And it is Iberia's way of trying to lay the foundations for the economy of the future on a more sustainable and innovative model.

"Iberia has been thinking of reindustrializing the La Muñoza maintenance facilities for three years," confirms the airline's financial director, José Antonio Barrionuevo. In the last quarter of last year, the plan started to grow. And it broadened its horizons by projecting a

business ecosystem with a vocation to integrate companies, SMEs and other organizations to create synergies

. "We are targeting companies that work in sustainable mobility -drones, electric automotive ...-, in aviation components, alternative fuels, cybersecurity and training and research related to the aeronautical sector," Barrionuevo details.

With the boost of funds for recovery, less polluting airplanes and perhaps

new combustion solutions with renewable hydrogen

will emerge from the La Muñoza land

. The project will thus fulfill part of the objective of advancing in the ecological transition of commercial aviation, which Iberia has set itself in its commitment to

contribute to the change of the Spanish economic model


The Aviation Echo-Tech seeks to

make Madrid one of the best




It will do so with the aeronautical expansion of the current Iberia maintenance facilities, and with the logistics development supported by its proximity to the new cargo terminal.

But also with the advance in intermodality that will come from the hand of a T4 connected to the AVE.

This innovative industrial project is presented as an opportunity for partners from both the public and private sectors.

"It is more than 350,000 square meters in the prime industrial axis of Madrid, with direct connection to the A2, the airport and the future cargo terminal", remarks the Iberia manager.

A corporate university

The development of this aeronautical pole will promote synergies with adjacent sectors. At the same time, it will favor quality employment around a sector that the year before the pandemic brought together, according to the Spanish Association of Defense, Security, Aeronautical and Space Technologies, a turnover of 10,523 million, 6% of industrial GDP , and that supposed 45,000 qualified jobs.

This demonstrates the high level of competitiveness of the Spanish aeronautical sector and its potential to transform the economic model.

Even so, it

is expected to promote the creation of professional skills adapted to new challenges


a purpose that will be achieved with the modernization of dual vocational training through a specialized center in aeronautical cycles.

But also with the projected

creation of AERO_ES203

0, a corporate university of the aeronautical sector.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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