China News Service, Beijing, May 17 (Xing Chong, Huang Yuqin) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian responded to the Palestinian-Israeli situation at a regular press conference on the 17th, saying that China urges the United States to assume its due responsibilities and adopt a fair stand. Together with most members of the international community, we support the Security Council in playing its due role in promoting easing of the situation, rebuilding trust, and political settlement.

  Zhao Lijian said that in recent times, the situation in Palestine has suddenly become tense, and the largest conflict between Israel and Palestine has erupted since 2014.

State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi presided over an emergency public meeting of the Security Council on the Palestine-Israel conflict on May 16.

  Zhao Lijian said that the vast majority of the Council members have made a common voice on the current Palestinian-Israeli situation: Everyone calls for an immediate ceasefire to prevent a full-scale crisis; everyone asks for the protection of civilians and avoids greater casualties; everyone insists on a political settlement and calls on Palestine and Israel. The two sides resume peace talks as soon as possible on the basis of the "two-state plan." Everyone also believes that the Security Council should make a concerted voice to advance the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks in a fair manner, and work hard to promote the realization of peaceful coexistence between Palestine and Israel.

  "We urge the United States to shoulder its due responsibilities, take a fair stand, and work with most members of the international community to support the Security Council in its due role in promoting easing the situation, rebuilding trust, and political settlement." Zhao Lijian said.

  He stated that, as the rotating chairman of the Security Council, China will continue to promote the Security Council to perform its duties and play its role, and make due contributions to promoting a comprehensive, just and lasting settlement of the Palestinian issue.