• After 27 years together Bill Gates and his wife Melinda announce their divorce

Between humanitarian action and humanitarian action, and while revolutionizing the world of technology,

Bill Gates

had time to deceive his future ex-wife, Melinda, with a wide panoply of employees of


and its foundation, to the point that the council management of the software giant and of the 'cloud' forced him to leave that governing body of the company that he had created due to his relationship with a subordinate.

This is explained by

The Wall Street Journal

today, although Gates spokesmen partially deny the information and affirm that, although the businessman had an


with an employee, it all ended 20 years ago in a friendly way. If anything, the news seems to call into question the official notion that Gates had left Microsoft's board of directors as part of the sale of his entire equity stake in the company and his growing dedication to his philanthropic endeavors. In the

United States,

more and more companies prohibit their workers or even their directors from having relationships with subordinates.

Thus, the perfect marriage of Bill and Melinda Gates was not such.

The newspaper

The New York Times

reported yesterday that the founder of Microsoft has a long history of affairs with employees of the company and its foundation, in whose name, precisely, is that of his wife:

the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

According to this second newspaper, some employees of those entities felt "uncomfortable" by Gates' dinner invitations, although there is no evidence that the billionaire pressured them.

What's more, the emails cited by the

New York Times

conclude with Gates declaring to his potential flirts that if they don't want to meet him, nothing happens.

Last week the US media already pointed to a much more serious legal reason for the Gates' divorce: Bill's friendship with financier

Jeffrey Epstein,

who maintained a gigantic prostitution ring - sometimes , with minors - until his arrest and subsequent suicide in 2019.

All of this is becoming apparent after his wife filed for divorce less than two weeks ago.

Melinda has been quick to add her maiden name, "French," to her name, but without leaving "Gates", perhaps for its brand equity.

So she is no longer Melinda Gates, but

Melinda French Gates.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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