On the 16th, Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that it was confirmed that the board of directors was investigated after a suspicion that Bill Gates co-founder of Microsoft (MS) had had an inappropriate relationship with an in-house employee about 20 years ago. Time) reported.

Reportedly, at the end of 2019, Microsoft's board of directors received a letter from a woman who works as a company engineer stating that they had been in sexual relations with Bill Gates for years starting in 2000.

After reviewing this, the board hired an external law firm to investigate the facts, and at the time, it was reported that Bill Gates had decided to withdraw.

In March last year, when this was not known, Bill Gates stepped down from the board of directors saying that he would work on charity.

At the time, an investigation was underway.

His spokesman explained, "We had an internal relationship 20 years ago, but it ended well," he said. "His resignation from the board of directors has nothing to do with this."

Bill Gates has been engulfed in various scandals since the 3rd announced that he had agreed to divorce his wife, Merlinda, who had been married for 27 years.

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