[Explanation] The "Xiamen Bank Cup" Cross-Strait Youth Entrepreneurs Basketball Invitational Tournament, which lasts for more than one month, kicked off in Xiamen on May 15. 16 basketball teams composed of young entrepreneurs from both sides of the strait will compete in the same game to meet friends and learn from each other. Basketball skills.

  [Explanation] Basketball is one of the favorite sports of young Taiwanese who work and live in Xiamen.

Once the invitational tournament was launched, it attracted more than 200 young entrepreneurs from both sides of the strait from 16 participating teams.

Zhuang Weijie from Kaohsiung, Taiwan heard that a basketball game would be held. He immediately took the initiative to invite young Taiwanese entrepreneurs who played regularly to form a basketball team. For the game, they spared time to train for nearly three weeks after work.

  [Concurrent] Taiwan young contestant Zhuang Weijie

  Common hobbies, especially (in) Xiamen I feel a lot of people are playing basketball. Maybe my team has been playing like this. It’s rare to come and play together. I feel that more teams can compete with each other in the future. , See what everyone is doing like this.

  [Explanation] In addition to the group stage, this event will also be cross-matched, and the final will be held in June. More than 30 events will be staged in turn, and the top 6 will finally be determined.

In addition, the competition will select the "Team Spirit Award" and the "Best Organization Award" for teams, and awards such as scoring champion, most valuable player and best popular champion for individuals.

  [Concurrent] Wu Chengxiang, Taiwanese player of the Xiamen Taiwan Association

  In fact, young people on both sides of the strait are from 18 to 51 years old. In fact, it is an activity that everyone can participate in without too much age barrier. It is an activity that belongs to the people.

Basketball can also represent some vitality, some exchanges without barriers, in fact, it is like this, I think this kind of activity is very approachable, it is easy for everyone to open their hearts to communicate, instead of saying that I must be very commercial today. An activity.

  [Commentary] Wu Jiaying, president of the Xiamen Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association, who came to participate in the opening ceremony, said that as the forefront of cross-strait exchanges, Xiamen is actively creating the first stop for Taiwanese and Taiwanese enterprises to land, and for young entrepreneurs on both sides of the strait. Provide a broader platform for realizing dreams.

  [Concurrent] Wu Jiaying, Chairman of Xiamen Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association

  In less than a month, it is really not easy to make this basketball game on this scale (run it), so I think this basketball game must have a positive meaning for the exchanges between the two sides of the strait.

  [Commentary] This event is hosted by Xiamen Taiwan Compatriots Association, Xiamen Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association, Xiamen Cross-Strait Exchange Association, and undertaken by the Youth Committee of Xiamen Taiwanese Business Association, Haixi Morning News, and Xiamen Basketball Association.

  Li Siyuan and Qian Xiaoyun report from Xiamen, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]