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bloody clashes between Israel and the Palestinian armed group Hamas are growing out of control.

Buildings with foreign media outlets collapsed after Israeli air strikes, and protests in support of Palestine continue around the world.

Reporter Jung Hye-kyung reports.


Flames soar, emit a huge cloud of dust, and the skyscrapers collapse.

The 12-story building in Gaza, where foreign media such as the US Associated Press, Qatar state broadcaster, and Al Jazeera moved in, was destroyed in an Israeli air raid on the afternoon of the 15th local time.

An hour before the air strike, Israeli forces warned that everyone should leave the building.

[Reporter Heba Akira/Al Jazeera: The owner of the building told all office occupants and residents to evacuate outside the building.]

Israeli troops said the building had a base for the armed group Hamas and bombed it, but the Associated Press reported that it was in Gaza. He strongly criticized him for trying to block media coverage of Korea.

So far, the victims of both Israel and Palestine have been at least 163, including 40 children.

US President Joe Biden spoke with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders respectively, emphasizing the resolution of the armed conflict and ensuring the security of the media.

Demonstrations continued in Los Angeles and Boston in the US, as well as in Lebanon in the Middle East, Jordan and elsewhere in Europe, condemning Israeli air strikes on Palestine.

[Raed R. Egil/Anti-Israeli protester: This is unacceptable. Children are dead. I hope our (Jordan) King will open the border to Palestine.] The

Secretary-General of the United Nations also said that attacking civilians or media outlets is unacceptable.

The UN will discuss a solution to this situation at our time tonight at the Security Council, which is being burned tonight.

(Video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)