Make it worse!

The epidemic is still severe, and the Meteorological Administration of India issued a cyclone storm warning, alarming Modi!

  [Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] As the situation of the new crown epidemic is still severe, India will usher in new challenges.

The latest news from the "India Express" on the 15th said that the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) warned that a very severe cyclone storm "Tauktae" is expected to reach the coast of Gujarat in western India on May 18.

At present, the Indian National Disaster Response Force has responded. Prime Minister Modi and officials of relevant departments will hold an important meeting on the 15th to discuss response measures.

  The cyclone warning department of the Meteorological Administration of India reminded that the low pressure in the Arabian Sea is likely to intensify into a "very severe cyclone storm" from May 16 to 19, with wind speeds of 150 to 160 kilometers per hour and gusts of wind speeds of up to every hour. 175 kilometers per hour.

Moreover, the cyclone may reach the coast of Gujarat on the morning of May 18.

  According to the report, after the alarm was issued, Pradhan, the director general of the Indian National Disaster Response Force, had deployed a response team on the ground. Pradhan told the Indian media that at least 24 teams have been pre-deployed, and another 29 teams are in Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra are on standby.

  In addition, the Mumbai municipal organization, the capital of Maharashtra, announced on the evening of the 14th local time that, taking into account the impact of the cyclone, Mumbai will not conduct new crown vaccination on Saturdays and Sundays (that is, May 15 and May 16). .

According to reports, this decision is to avoid causing trouble to the elderly, and also to avoid possible crowding (due to vaccination), because the cyclone is expected to bring rainfall.

  The report also quoted government sources as revealing that Prime Minister Modi will also hold an important meeting on the 15th to check the preparations for the cyclone.

These government sources also revealed that senior officials from various government departments, including the National Disaster Management Agency of India, will attend the meeting.