May 16, 2021 "Vaccinate the graduates? Well, it seems to us that the Lazio Region has taken the right path that we have been hoping for for many months".

This is the comment to the Adnkronos by the president of the National Association of Presidents of Lazio, Mario Rusconi, about the announcement of the governor Zingaretti. "For a year already, as principals we had asked that first of all there be swabs for all students, we now positively note that the Lazio Region has announced that there will be salivary swabs in schools and also the possibility of vaccinating high school students. positive fact ", explains Rusconi.

This is an operation "which certainly helps, since we know very well that students, especially high school students, end up congregating when they can go out; sometimes we see them even without a mask. So the fact of being able to vaccinate even the older kids, it certainly seems a positive fact ", adds the president of Anp Lazio.

"It should also be considered that in September we will have 8 million students and 1 million adults in all schools in Italy, that is to say employees, teachers and janitors, therefore - observes Rusconi - a vaccine prophylaxis that begins with the children of the maturity seems to us an operation that is on the right track. And we are very satisfied with this ", adds Rusconi, recalling that in the past" the local health authorities have not always responded appropriately ". "In one year - he concludes -, the Region has really made significant steps forward and it must be acknowledged".

The intervention of Zingaretti

"Vaccinating high school students is now possible and we will do it. Let's go back to normality with vaccines and thinking of everyone. It is right to think of the boys and girls who face this test, after 2 difficult years also for study and social life" . The president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, writes on Twitter.