May 15, 2021From the joy of the wedding reception to the tragedy of a fatal car accident in an instant: an 18-year-old walks away from the garden of the villa, ending up in the street, to dodge a water balloon. That was enough for the boy originally from Reggio Emilia and resident in Correggio to be hit by a van passing along the adjacent road. An impact that left no escape for the young man, the best man who died in front of his parents and several friends. 

The tragedy took place in the countryside of Modena, in Magreta, a fraction of the municipality of Formigine. In fact, a wedding reception was organized in a villa, an event postponed for a few months due to the health emergency. 

The villa is located a few meters from a road that goes through the green, via Fossa. To separate the private area from the public one, an entrance gate with a driveway. According to what emerged from the investigations of the local police who immediately rushed to the place, but above all according to what the witnesses of the absurd dynamic could tell, the high school student was joking with some of the guests, including laughter, throwing water and drinks from the glasses. Just to avoid being wet, the eighteen-year-old would have stretched on foot towards the gate, passing it and ending up, in all probability without realizing it, on the road. 

Exactly at that moment a van was passing by, driven by a 43-year-old from Bologna. The impact was as immediate as it was fatal. It being understood that the exact dynamics will be reconstructed by the local police operators who intervened on the spot, yesterday the signs on the road suggested that the vehicle would not even have had time to brake. Immediate alarm, the request for help. The 118 staff who arrived immediately in Magreta was unable to do anything, except to ascertain the death of the young man.