On the afternoon of the 15th local time, the European Space Agency reposted CGTN's report on the successful landing of the Zhurong rover on Mars on the social media platform, and congratulated the "Tianwen-1" Mars exploration mission team.

  Earlier in the day, the implementation team of the European Space Agency's Mars Exploration Program also posted on social media platforms to congratulate China and encourage the "Tianwen-1" Mars exploration mission to go further.

  On February 10 this year, the European Space Agency publicly congratulated the "Tianwen-1" Mars probe on its smooth entry into the ring fire orbit, and stated that it would use the "Mars Express" space probe after its landing patrol device softly landed on the surface of Mars. Provide data relay support for the "Tianwen-1" orbiter, and transmit the data collected by the Mars rover back to the ground station on the earth.

(Headquarters reporter Zou Heyi Jianghua)