The Israeli occupation army continues to bomb the Gaza Strip, leaving a heavy toll of martyrs and wounded, while the Palestinian resistance responds with more rocket attacks on Israeli towns and cities, including Tel Aviv.

Al Jazeera Net is following the latest developments, moment by moment:

5 minutes ago Al-

Jazeera correspondent: An Israeli bombardment targeted a group of Palestinians east of Jabalia, in the northern Gaza Strip

11 minutes ago

Al-Jazeera correspondent: The sirens are ringing again in Tel Aviv, while the Iron Dome is trying to intercept rockets fired from Gaza

14 minutes ago,

Israeli media: A number of rockets landed in the Judea and Rishon Lezion area, without any injuries

14 minutes ago,

Al-Jazeera correspondent quoted Israeli sources: 42 rockets fell on Tel Aviv and central Israel in two bursts after midnight

20 minutes ago

Al-Jazeera correspondent: Instructions for residents of Tel Aviv and its surroundings to adhere to the shelters in anticipation of more rocket fire from Gaza

22 minutes ago

Al-Jazeera correspondent: An Israeli raid targeted a house in the Shabura camp in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip

25 minutes ago

Al-Jazeera correspondent: The rockets launched from Gaza reached Hasharon, north of Tel Aviv, expanding the circle of the targeted areas.

30 minutes ago

Al-Jazeera correspondent: The sirens sounded for the third time after midnight in Tel Aviv, after a new burst of missiles.

37 minutes ago

Al-Jazeera correspondent: Sirens sounded twice in Tel Aviv and central Israel, and information indicating that 30 missiles targeted it.

45 minutes ago

Al-Jazeera Correspondent: The missiles launched by the Al-Qassam Brigades targeted Tel Aviv, central and southern Israel and the coast.

45 minutes ago,

sirens sounded in Tel Aviv after the Qassam Brigades announced a major missile strike on the city.

47 minutes ago

, Al-Qassam spokesman: We launched a large missile strike with dozens of rockets at Tel Aviv and Ashdod in response to the bombing of Al-Galaa Tower.

48 minutes ago Al-

Qassam spokesman: We begin to direct a large missile strike with dozens of rockets to Ashdod in response to the bombing of Al-Jalaa Tower.

55 minutes ago

Al-Jazeera correspondent: Israeli warplanes bombed Al-Andalus Tower, west of Gaza City, with a number of missiles.