China News Service, May 15th, according to comprehensive foreign media reports, on the afternoon of the 15th local time, the Israeli military airstrikes an office building in the Gaza Strip with offices of media such as Qatar Al Jazeera and Associated Press.

The Israeli army issued a warning one hour before the airstrike.

Data map: On May 12, local time, Israel carried out an air strike on Gaza.

  According to reports, the building collapsed after being bombed, and dust and debris were everywhere.

  According to reports, one hour before the airstrike, the Israeli military issued a warning to the people in the building, saying that it would carry out bombing within one hour and asked them to evacuate quickly.

  According to Al Jazeera's statistics, as of now, at least 140 people have died in the conflict in the Gaza Strip, including 39 children. In addition, about 950 people have been injured.

At least 9 people were killed in Israel.