Covid-19: after having shunned it, the Germans rush to the Astrazeneca

A vial of Astrazeneca vaccine.


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Germany announced this Saturday, May 15 that 30 million people have already received a dose of the vaccine against Covid-19.

A record was also broken last Wednesday with 1.3 million injections in one day.

While not long ago, the Astrazeneca vaccine was shunned because of the risk of thrombosis, today the Germans want at all costs to benefit from it.


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With our correspondent in Berlin,

Pascal Thibault

After the weather, it is now the number one topic of conversation: " 

Have you ever made an appointment to get vaccinated?"

Do you know a doctor where the waiting list is not too long?


Until mid-April, you had to take your illness patiently and wait your turn to go to a vaccination center in Germany.

But with the entry into the scene of city doctors and especially the decision to

allow all adults to have access to the AstraZeneca vaccine,

the race for appointments has become a national sport, many being on several waiting lists for increase their chances and shorten the deadlines.

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[Computer graphics] AstraZeneca, chronology of a mistrust

The unloved vaccine after reports of rare cases of fatal cerebral thrombosis has in the meantime become very popular.

Since it is available to every adult, the Germans have been fighting over it.

Especially since the statements of the Minister of Health affirming that the time between the two doses could be reduced from twelve to four weeks, even if the experts believe that the vaccine is more effective if a longer time limit is respected.

In addition, the lifting of certain restrictions allowing vaccinated people not to have to produce a negative test for Covid-19, has made


a little more attractive


It is to be expected that the race for appointments will be increasingly tough in Germany, because in a few days, several regions will allow everyone access to the various available vaccines.


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