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An American man in his thirties who lived a luxurious life alone with Corona 19 subsidies provided to small businesses to recover the economy was caught by the police.

According to foreign media such as the New York Times on the 10th local time, the California state police arrested 38-year-old Mustafa Kadiri for fraudulent purchase of three supercars for deceived use and with government subsidies.

Kadiri is accused of winning Corona 19 subsidies in the name of paying employee wages after creating four fake businesses in May and June 2020.

Kadiri is also known to have stolen other people's names and social security numbers in the process of making up a fake business.

It turned out that Kadiri spent most of the $5 million (approximately 5.65 billion won) he received as a grant to travel to luxury resorts and purchase supercars.

Investigators found three expensive foreign cars, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley, in Kadiri's residence and seized them.

Prosecutors charged Kadiri with four charges of financial fraud, one identity theft, and six money laundering charges.

A spokesman for the US Federal District Attorney's Office said, "If all charges of Kadiri are admitted, you will face up to 302 years in prison."

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