The largest oil pipeline in the United States, which was hit by a cyber attack, has resumed operations, but the surrounding area is still affected by gasoline shortages and other factors.

The US government is on the alert for widespread attacks on other infrastructure companies.

It's been 14 days and a week since the Colonial Pipeline, which operates nearly 9,000 kilometers of oil pipelines from the southern to eastern United States, was hit by a cyberattack by a group of Russian-based hackers.

After being forced to suspend supply by the attack, it resumed operations on the 12th, but gasoline shortages continue mainly in the southern part where the pipeline runs.

According to an expert survey, 65% of gas stations are out of stockpile and cannot be operated, 48% in South Carolina, 47% in Georgia, and so on.

Meanwhile, major American media Bloomberg reports that the cyber-attacked Colonial has paid a group of hackers $ 5 million in stakes and 545 million yen in Japanese yen.

The company hasn't mentioned this, but the US government is wary of spreading attacks on other infrastructure companies.