In Groningen a ship rammed the Gerrit Krolbrug in the night from Friday to Saturday.

This is reported by

RTV Noord


The bridge deck is heavily damaged and is sloping.

A traffic light has also been demolished from the bridge.

According to

RTV Noord

, the collision took place around 00.10 am.

A scooter rider is said to have ridden on the bridge at that time.

It is still unclear whether he was injured.

The bridge over the Van Starkenborgh Canal has been closed by the police.

The bridge will probably remain impassable for cyclists, boats and cars for the time being.

Rijkswaterstaat is making an inventory of the damage to the bridge.

Several local residents witnessed the collision, according to

RTV Noord


They report that the ship's crew probably did not see the bridge.

Lake Constance is moored close to the bridge.