Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla (CE0), who shook the cryptocurrency market with the remarks to stop bitcoin payments, lost 28 trillion won in four days.

Market Insider, a media outlet specializing in the US economy, quoted the Bloomberg Billionaires Index on the 14th (local time) and reported that Musk's net worth decreased by $25 billion this week.

As of the 9th, the net asset value was 184 billion dollars (207.82 trillion won), but as Tesla stock price declined for 4 consecutive trading days on the 10th to 13th, the asset size was 159 billion dollars (179 trillion won). ).

Tesla closed at $571.69 on the New York Stock Exchange on the 13th.

Compared to the closing price ($672.37) on the last trading day of the week, this is a 14.9% drop.

According to Forbes' ranking of billionaires, whose counting method differs slightly from Bloomberg, Musk's wealth as of the 13th was $145.55 billion (16.43 trillion won), a decrease of $20.5 billion (23.15 trillion won) in four days. Appeared.

While Tesla's stocks were slipping, Musk had a dizzying week on his cryptocurrency move.

Musk has created a cryptocurrency issue throughout the week, starting from appearing on the American NBC TV comedy show'Saturday Night Live' (SNL) on the 8th.

Musk, who gave expectations to investors by calling himself'Doji Father' (the father of Dojicoin), joked that Dojicoin was a scam while appearing on SNL, and the price of Dojicoin plummeted by more than 30%.

On the 11th, Tesla raised the price again by conducting an online voting asking if he would like to accept Dogecoin as a payment method.

The next day, however, Musk shook the cryptocurrency market with a bomb declaration that it would stop selling Tesla cars for receiving Bitcoin. It.

"Wall Street analysts are warning that Musk's recent moves are confusing crypto investors and creating additional volatility in the already struggling Tesla stock," Forbes said.

He said, "Amid growing concerns about inflation in the stock market, the stock price is also under pressure as the bad news for Tesla continues in China, a key market for electric vehicles."