China succeeds in landing a small robot on Mars

China has succeeded today in landing its small robot "Churong", which is controlled remotely, on the surface of Mars, in a precedent for the Asian giant, as reported by the state television channel, "CCTV".

Landing on the Red Planet is a complicated matter, and several European, Soviet and American missions have failed to achieve it in the past, according to Agence France-Presse.

China had already tried to send a probe to Mars in 2011 during a joint mission with Russia. But the attempt stopped, and Beijing then decided to continue the adventure alone.

At the end of July 2020, the Chinese launched from Earth their unmanned mission "Tianwen-1", which bears the name of the probe that was sent into space.

The probe consists of three parts: an orbiter (orbiting the planet) and a lander carrying the remote-controlled robot "Chorong". It is this spacecraft that has landed on the surface of Mars, which will allow the robot "Churong" to exit.

The Chinese channel said that “the landing craft (Tianwen-1) successfully landed in the predetermined area” on Mars with the robot “Churong”, explaining that a “signal” was received on the ground.

The robot landed in a region of the Red Planet called "Utopia Planisia", which is a vast plain located in the northern half of Mars.

It is the first independent attempt of the Chinese.

They ambitiously hoping to accomplish all that the Americans have accomplished on the many Mars missions since the 1960s.

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