British Prime Minister Johnson has announced that the regulations will be further relaxed, saying that the infection situation of the new coronavirus is improving steadily, and from 17th this month, the indoor business of restaurants will be resumed. became.

In the United Kingdom, due to the spread of mutant virus infection, there was a day when the number of newly infected people exceeded 60,000 a day in January, but recently, the number has been improving, such as staying in the 2000 range. , Regulations aimed at controlling infections are being gradually relaxed.

On the 10th, Prime Minister Johnson announced that the regulations would be further relaxed after considering the infection situation and the progress of vaccination, and from 17th this month in England, where London is located, restaurants, pubs, movie theaters and museums. In addition to being able to resume indoor operations such as, it has been revealed that up to 2 households or up to 6 people will be able to spend time together indoors.

The restaurant will be open indoors for the first time in about 5 months in London and elsewhere.

In addition, we have been asked to refrain from contact with people such as hugging and greeting, but in the future we will allow individuals to make decisions.

"Today's announcement is one of the biggest steps in the mitigation plan," said Johnson, who said that if the infection situation continues to improve, most restrictions will be lifted from 21st next month.

On the other hand, it has already been decided that travel abroad will be permitted from 17th of this month by limiting the destinations based on the infection situation.