Do you find it difficult to get information about the climate?

In that case, you are not alone.

In any case, that is the opinion of Per Espen Stoknes, researcher in climate psychology, and also a politician in the Norwegian Green Party, the Green Party.

- The weather is somewhat close and concrete, but the climate is more about the year 2100 or 2050 and ppm levels in the atmosphere.

So in the throng of news, the climate becomes too abstract and it is pushed unnoticed but slowly to the side, he says SVT's Aktuellt.

Per Espen Stoknes states that the big picture is important, but at the same time emphasizes that every tonne of carbon dioxide, every tenth degree and every decision that consumers, industry and politicians make makes a difference.

- Every time you do something, it spreads to your friends, to your neighbors, colleagues and so on, who ring on the water.

We need to get a "social tipping point" before politicians dare to make difficult decisions.

Hear Per Espen Stoknes explain how distance, doomsday and dissonance affect us in the clip above.