Taiwan's blackout investigation report released: human error, Taipower workers accidentally turned on the isolating switch

  [Global Network Reporter Yin Yanhui] According to Taiwan’s “Zhongshi News” report, Taiwan’s May 13 power outage investigation report was released. Taiwan’s “Minister of Economy” Wang Meihua notified on the 14th that a staff member of the Taiwan Power Company (Taiwan Power) During the power transmission expansion project test on the 13th, the disconnect switch was turned on by mistake, which caused a ground fault of the busbar, which in turn caused the unit to trip at the Kaohsiung Xingda Power Plant.

  Wang Meihua said that the Lubei ultra-high voltage substation is undergoing a transmission line capacity expansion project. Testing is underway on the 13th. A Taipower staff member should turn on the disconnect switch number 3542, which accidentally turned on the disconnect switch number 3541, resulting in a busbar grounding fault. , The electricity generated by the power plant could not be output, so the voltage dropped rapidly, and 4 units also tripped.

  According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” previously reported that the bus at Luzhu Road North UHV Substation in Kaohsiung City failed on the 13th, resulting in the Xingda Power Plant being unable to output power; at 2:37 in the afternoon that day, two coal-fired and two gas-fired units jumped. It accounted for 6% of the load power at the peak time.

Taipower had to rush to repair the equipment. Starting at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the power supply was limited in turn for 50 minutes each time, and the power supply was not restored until 8 o'clock in the evening.

  It is worth mentioning that there was an unannounced blackout in Taiwan, and even the live broadcast of the epidemic press conference was suddenly interrupted. At that time, the press room was instantly dark, and only the computers and mobile phones on the desk were on. Many online netizens asked what happened. ?

People's lives have also been greatly impacted. As electricity has not been restored in some areas during dinner, the people have to cook and eat in the dark, and use their mobile phones as flashlights. In addition, there is no air conditioner due to power outages. Painted meal".

Many supermarkets are in a state of power outage, and the clerk looks helpless at the cash register.

According to the Economic Daily, the number of households affected by the power outage has exceeded 10 million, greatly exceeding the 6.68 million households affected by the blackout in August 2017.