Russia: Putin promises to respond after lawsuit against one of his relatives in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin sent a very clear message to the Ukrainian authorities: "We will have to react in due time and in an appropriate way".

AP - Alexei Druzhinin

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This is yet another source of contention between Russia and Ukraine.

The prosecutions for "high treason

Against a Ukrainian oligarch close to Vladimir Poutine pushed the Russian president to react this Friday, May 14 in a very firm way.

In the eyes of the Russian president, this affair aims to "

clean up

" the Ukrainian political landscape, and it will not remain without consequences.


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With our correspondent in Moscow,

Daniel Vallot

Viktor Medvedtchouk narrowly escaped prison and will finally be under house arrest until next July, pending his trial for "

high treason


But this rather lenient measure of Ukrainian justice did not prevent Vladimir Poutine from banging his fist on the table and denouncing prosecutions intended to “

clean up

”, according to him, the Ukrainian political landscape.

It must be said that Viktor Medvedchouk is not the first oligarch to come: he is the leader of the main pro-Russian party in Ukraine, and he is close to the Russian president - who is said to be the godfather of one of his daughters. .

The 66-year-old businessman is accused not only of "high treason" but also of "

plundering of natural resources in Crimea ”, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

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Without naming him explicitly, Vladimir Poutine sent a very clear message to the Ukrainian authorities: "

We will have to react in due time and in an appropriate way

", declared the Russian president thus.

The fear of a major military offensive in the Donbass has barely subsided when a new dispute is already opening up, fraught with consequences, between Ukraine and Russia.


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