The English’s hopes of hosting the Champions League final between Manchester and Chelsea at Wembley Stadium in the capital, London, were dashed due to complications that made Porto a new choice to host the confrontation scheduled for May 29.

The European Football Association (UEFA) programmed the final match in Istanbul, Turkey, but the federation began talks with the British government and the English Football Association with the aim of transferring the final to Wembley after the British government included Turkey in a "red list", which deprives English fans. From attending the final.

Reuters quoted a source familiar with the discussions as saying that while the talks would continue on Tuesday, obstacles emerged regarding the need to grant exemptions to international television broadcasters, technicians, support crews and sponsors.

Given that many of these individuals coming from different countries will now need to enter quarantine upon arrival in Britain, the matter will require a wide range of exceptions that have made it difficult to reach a speedy agreement.

Moving the match to Porto gives English fans a chance to attend the final, perhaps at a higher cost and more effort than holding the match at Wembley.

Last week, the British government placed Portugal on its "green list" with effect from 17 May, which means that English fans will be free to travel to the match if it is transferred to Porto.

Portugal is now implementing the last phase of easing the lockdown measures, and travel restrictions are expected to be lifted from May 17.

The final of last year was moved from Istanbul to Lisbon due to the "Covid-19 pandemic", but sources said that the Portuguese authorities may prefer that Porto host the match if the country is granted the right to organize.