This April 27, as you read these lines,

Aena's General Shareholders' Meeting

is submitting its

Climate Action Plan (2021-2030)

to a consultative vote


Aena thus becomes the

first Spanish company

and one of the first in the world to

be accountable to its shareholders

each year on its performance

in terms of climate action


An ambitious bet by the airport manager to reduce its CO2 emissions with successive targets.

To begin with, Aena has proposed to

achieve carbon neutrality by 2026

, by reaching

100% self-consumption

of renewable energy and offsetting the emissions that could still be produced by that date as a result of its activity (18%, they estimate) with practices like reforestation. All this, with a view to

reaching Net Zero by 2040, that is, absolute zero of CO2 emissions

, without the need for compensation. To achieve these goals, Aena will dedicate 550 million between 2021 and 2030, a year in which it has already set intermediate objectives such as achieving a

94% reduction in emissions per passenger associated with its own operations in 2030.

The truth is that the company's Plan transcends its own limits, since it aims to become a driving force towards sustainability both for the


and service


that operate in its infrastructures and for the end user, promoting the use of transport. ecological both at arrivals and departures at the

46 airports and two heliports managed by the company

. "Practically all the actions of the PAC have been included after carrying out the corresponding technical-economic feasibility studies, and the internal approval process of the same has allowed each and every one of the company's units to have participated in their definition. and approval, "he explains

Amparo Brea, director of Innovation, Sustainability and Customer Excellence at Aena.

All these purposes are included in

three large blocks: Carbon Neutrality, Sustainable Aviation and Community and Sustainable Value Chain


The first includes challenges such as the aforementioned of ensuring

100% self-consumed green electricity in 2026

thanks to the installation of Aena's Photovoltaic Plan;

the purchase of

65% of sustainable fuels for air conditioning in 2030

, the

reduction of electricity consumption per passenger by 10%

or the establishment of a 100% sustainable own fleet by 2026.



second block

includes measures such as promoting the development and use of sustainable fuels in the aviation sector and ensuring that their consumption in the Aena network reaches

2.6% in 2026 and 4.6% in 2030


or to reach

78% of


ground handling


for that same year.

Finally, the

third block

includes measures related to

promoting sustainability in the airport environment

: promoting sustainable fleets by

rent-a-car services

, offsetting 100% of the emissions generated by employee travel from Aena from 2024 ...

In short, these are very ambitious goals for a company and a sector that are facing great challenges as a result of the restrictions on mobility caused by the pandemic. Why add extra challenges? At Aena, it is clear that not moving towards sustainability can pose

great risks

also in the world of airport management: the

establishment of eco-taxes

, the increase

in CO2 emission rights

, the

possibility of increasing the link between sustainability and the foundership...

"The air transport sector faces the challenge of responding to the growing environmental awareness of a society," emphasizes Brea.


the recovery of the sector from the pandemic must go hand in hand with the challenge of facing the climate emergency

," he adds.



The commitment to photovoltaic energy will allow Aena to generate 950 GWH / year of solar origin.


Barajas and El Prat (level 3) and six other airports are accredited for their efforts to reduce emissions.


Aena's commitment against climate change has been rated for the second time at the highest level.


ena is the first Spanish company to report to its shareholders each year on the progress of the PAC.


Airplanes generate 95% of the sector's emissions and only 5% is attributable to airports.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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