by Chiara Rancati

10 May 2021 Weak opening for European stock exchanges, despite the prospect of a rise in US interest rates after disappointing unemployment figures.

In Milan, the Ftse Mib gains 0.41%;

Frankfurt is in parity, with a slight decrease in Paris (-0.16%).  

Ambivalent day instead for the Asian markets, with Tokyo up by 0.55%, the Chinese indices diverging and Hong Kong down slightly.

Worth noting is the result of the Sydney Stock Exchange, which closed at an all-time high thanks to the strong rises in stocks in the mining sector, which is very important in this market. This is thanks to a new rise in the prices of raw materials and above all of metals: gold, which touches 1840 dollars an ounce, but above all copper and iron, which has rallied since the end of last week and is now steadily above 200 dollars. per ton.

The price of oil rises, especially on the American markets: WTI at 65.3 dollars a barrel, also due to the closure of an important oil pipeline in the United States due to a cyber attack.