Rennes (AFP)

About 150 employees of the Fonderie de Bretagne (FDB), on strike since April 27, gathered on Monday in front of the sub-prefecture of Lorient to prevent the holding of a Social and Economic Council (CSE) which must record the sale of the 'factory, we learned from the CGT.

"The CSE must be held at 2:30 p.m. (at the sub-prefecture, editor's note) and must formalize the separation of Renault from the Fonderie de Bretagne and the search for a buyer", explained Maël Le Goff, CGT delegate, joined by the 'AFP.

"We want to prevent the CSE from being held. It is the third week of the strike, it is more and more tense, as the world will arrive," said Mr. Le Goff.

According to the CGT, tires are burning in front of the sub-prefecture while the street has been blocked.

Asked by AFP, the Morbihan prefecture did not immediately have additional information on the situation and the program for the day.

On May 4, the employees of the Fonderie de Bretagne in Caudan (Morbihan) went in procession to the prefecture of Vannes to make their demands heard.

In the summer of 2020, the automaker requested a strategic review which concluded that the site should diversify its activities and continue to reduce its production costs.

FDB employees are asking for their retention within the Renault group, which announced on March 11 the sale of the plant in order to "perpetuate activities and jobs".

Established near Lorient since 1965, the Fonderie de Bretagne, which now has 350 employees, manufactures suspension arms, exhaust manifolds and elbows, as well as gearbox differentials.

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