• Rousseau: We will not give the list of members of a new movement, it is against the law

  • Conte: the relationship between M5S and Rousseau?

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  • Casaleggio: "I hope Rousseau will not attack for the third term".

    Crimi reply: defamatory

  • Rousseau Association: let's change direction, a painful but inevitable choice

  • Conte: "New M5s course at the beginning of May. We will pay Rousseau debts"

  • Rousseau: court confirms that the M5S is without a political leader


May 10, 2021 "I submitted to the Privacy Guarantor an application for access to documentation in their possession relating to the Movement. This application, which I presented as the legal representative of the Movement, was accepted today and today's response provided for an in-depth investigation : the guarantor in fact requested all the documentation relating to my role.

The factual acceptance confirmed that in their opinion there are no doubts about the legal representation ". Thus the regent of the Vito Crimi Movement during the M5S joint assembly.

Market survey for new platform

A videoconference meeting of the M5S groups of the Chamber and Senate with the "internal reorganization" on the agenda. Regent Vito Crimi began by explaining that there is no agreement with Rousseau: many failed attempts at conciliation have been made, said Crimi.

The regent also announced that a market survey has been carried out for a new platform: the approximate cost of the first vote is 30/50 thousand euros. A cost that, Crimi pointed out, would be amortized with subsequent votes.

M5S: project ready for online voting, word to members

"The new political project is ready to be submitted to the scrutiny of the members, who remain the only sovereigns of the future life of the Movement. We are ready to convene the members to invite them to express themselves on this new political project". The M5S writes it in a post that takes up the report by Vito Crimi.