President Vladimir Putin said that about 21.5 million Russians have already been vaccinated against coronavirus in Russia. 

“We have 21.5 million people already vaccinated.

The results are very good in the country, ”TASS quoted him as saying.

The head of state again called on Russians who have not been vaccinated, "wasting no time to get vaccinated."

At the same time, Putin noted that the situation with the spread of coronavirus in Russia remains stable. 

“The situation in the country, according to experts, is stable.

We have everything, as they say, “on the shelf”, that is, it does not rise, now it is kept at the level at which it developed in the previous time, ”Putin said.

Nevertheless, the president noted that testing and vaccination are very important components in order to overcome the pandemic and its consequences in the future.

The Russian leader also said that on May 9 he was tested for antibodies.

“Now experts are talking about the coefficient of positivity.

He turned out to be 15 for me, and, as the doctors said, this is a good result, ”Putin said.

Recall that Vladimir Putin was vaccinated with the second component of the coronavirus vaccine on April 14.

The President gave his first vaccination on March 23rd.

Over the past day, 8,465 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Russia, most of them in Moscow (2,896) and St. Petersburg (724).

Over the past 24 hours, 6,774 people have recovered in the country, 321 patients have died from complications that developed against the background of COVID-19, and concomitant diseases.

The total number of cases of coronavirus registered in Russia reached 4,888,727, 113,647 people have died since the start of the pandemic, 4,502,906 patients have recovered from the disease.

According to the press service of Rospotrebnadzor, more than 131.7 million laboratory tests have already been carried out in the country for the presence of the virus.

“Over the past day, 258 thousand tests for coronavirus have been carried out.

As of May 10, 501,528 people remain under medical supervision in Russia as a whole, "the Telegram channel of the Operational Headquarters for Combating Coronavirus says.

The department also reported that they continue to monitor the implementation of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures in crowded places in Moscow during the holidays.

They explained that Muscovites who stayed in the city for the May holidays spend their time visiting museums, exhibitions and other cultural objects.

"At the same time, taking into account the long stay in closed rooms of places where visitors gather, the observance of" antiquated "measures at cultural facilities is extremely necessary to prevent the spread of infection in the city," the message says.

Meanwhile, the Russian Direct Investment Fund reported that the use of the Sputnik V vaccine developed in the Russian Federation allowed San Marino to become the first country in Europe to reduce the level of COVID-19 infection to zero.

The republic approved the use of "Sputnik V" on February 19, registration took place under an accelerated procedure. 

The RDIF clarified that at the beginning of April, the level of infection in San Marino was about 250 cases per week, while no new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the country since May 4.

“Thanks to the Russian vaccine, San Marino was one of the first European countries to start lifting coronavirus restrictions.

The average incidence in the country is more than 40 times lower than the average for the EU countries.

Vaccination of the population in San Marino has also reduced the death rate from coronavirus to zero, ”the fund said.

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The republic has already closed a hospital department designed to treat patients with coronavirus.

"The success of San Marino also confirms the high efficiency of Sputnik V, including against the British strain, which is now actively spreading throughout Europe, including in neighboring Italy," the RDIF said.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the total number of COVID-19 cases registered in the world has exceeded 158.3 million, more than 3.2 million people have died.

A difficult epidemiological situation persists in the USA, India, Brazil, Europe and a number of other countries.

On May 10, a ceremony of laying flowers and lighting 30 thousand candles in memory of the victims of the coronavirus will take place in the Czech Republic.

The action will take place at the residence of the President of the Czech Republic in Prague Castle.

"In all the squares of Prague Castle in the evening hours, about 30 thousand candles will be lit, corresponding to the number of those who died in the republic during a pandemic," the message says.

At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, Petr Arenberger, said earlier that the country had decided to ease quarantine restrictions. 

“From May 10, there will be no closed shops, all household services and exhibitions will resume work, but all this provided that no more than one person per 15 square meters is at the same time in this room.

m ", - quotes him as RIA Novosti.

Kindergartens will also resume their work, and classes will begin in all grades of primary schools.

At the same time, Arenberger added that a mandatory mask regime remains for premises and transport.

In turn, French Minister of Health Olivier Veran said that the country's authorities are doing everything to prevent more infectious strains from entering the country and spreading.

He also noted that the authorities are ready to allow the opening of street terraces of restaurants and cafes, as well as non-food shops.

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"All this, however, does not mean that the French can completely weaken their vigilance: preventive measures and the requirement to maintain distance remain, but we are gradually returning to life," TASS quoted him as saying.

Qatar also announced its decision to gradually begin lifting restrictions.

The easing of quarantine measures will begin on May 28 and will take place in four stages.

On April 8, it became known that Qatar is returning to an almost complete lockdown due to an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Cypriot authorities announced a relaxation of the entry rules for tourists vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Now, persons who have completed a full course of vaccination with the Russian Sputnik V, as well as vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency, will be able to come to the republic without a certificate of passing a diagnostic test for COVID-19, TASS reports.

The local Ministry of Health emphasized that citizens with a vaccination card from EU countries, countries of the European Economic Area - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as well as from Switzerland, Israel, Great Britain,


will no longer have to quarantine or undergo a test for COVID-19

, UAE, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Belarus, Serbia, Qatar, Bahrain, USA, Armenia, Georgia, Canada and Kuwait.

They must have a vaccination card with one of the following antiviral drugs: Sputnik V, Pfizer - BioNTech, Vaxzevria, Moderna, Janssen, and must complete all required doses.