Taiwan Railways "Taroko" has another accident, a group of people was hit and killed when entering the railway line

  [Global Network Report] Taiwan Railways reported another accident.

According to news from Taiwan’s "United Daily News" on May 10, the Taiwan Railway Administration stated that on May 10, the "Taroko" train No. 402 (from Shulin to Zhiben) ended at 7:11 today (10th). Cheng=Jiaoxi Dongzheng Road Level Crossing (Railway Crossing), hit a passerby who entered the railway line. According to the returned news, the passerby was confirmed dead.

  According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency”, the Taiwan Railway Administration reported that the “Taroko” 402 train departed from Shulin to Zhiben at 7:11 in the morning at the Jixiang Road level crossing (K56) of Dongzheng Line between Toucheng and Jiaoxi +918) Hit a woman who entered the route.

  According to the Taiwan Railway Administration, there is currently a one-lane two-way traffic on the Dongzheng line between Toucheng and Jiaoxi.

Affected by 402 level crossing accidents, starting at 7:11 am on the 10th, trains going south/north from Toucheng Station to Jiaoxi Station, and one-way traffic on the west line. The affected stations include Toucheng, Dingpu and Jiaoxi. .

  The Fire Department of Yilan County Government stated that they went to rescue immediately after receiving the report, but when the ambulancemen arrived at the scene, the woman was obviously dead and was not sent to the hospital.