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weekend, the wreckage of Chinese rockets entered Earth, but most of them burned in the atmosphere, leaving nothing to worry about. However, there are voices of criticism that the Chinese authorities did not disclose the exact location of the fall until just before entering the atmosphere, so that they should take responsibility for space development.

This is Kim Ji-sung, correspondent from Beijing.

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11:24 am, yesterday (9th) our time, the remains of the Chinese rocket'Changjeong 5B' entered the atmosphere.

Chinese authorities say most of the rocket debris has been wiped out in the Indian Ocean waters near the Maldives.

[China's state-run CCTV: The fall point is in the sea area around 72.47 degrees east longitude and 2.65 degrees north latitude, and most of them burned down during the process of entering the atmosphere.]



reported that some of the debris fell into the Indian Ocean, but no casualties were reported. .

Chinese authorities did not reveal where they fell when they announced that the rocket would enter the Mediterranean air up to three hours ago.

You may not have predicted the location of the fall.

Dr. McDowell of Harvard University, who has raised concerns about the crash, said, "It's like China won the gambling," and "It's still reckless."

It was pointed out that the rocket wreckage was large enough to weigh only 20 tons and should have been controlled more carefully.

[Director of Aerospace Research Center: China planned to control the entry of the atmosphere into the atmosphere, but there is a high possibility that there is a problem.]

China is expected to protest immediately, saying Western countries have inflated the risk, but also criticizes that China has initiated itself. It doesn't seem to go away.