A greeting to soothe an uneasy heart

  12355: A heart-warming hotline that has been running for 15 years

  "Hello, this is 12355. I am a counselor, what can I do for you?" Waiting for the "standard" opening remarks of the psychological counselor at the 12355 Youth Service Desk in Shanghai, is a mother's request for help——" I am Ma Xiang. My son is 17 years old. After my father died in a car accident 7 years ago, he gradually developed some psychological problems, which caused fear and rejection of collective school life. The child wanted to go to school, but he could not overcome his fear of school. , The heart is extremely painful."

  "Don't worry, I have made an appointment for you with senior psychologist Mao Yushu for free face-to-face counseling." The heart-warming words of the psychological counselor calmed the mother's anxiety on the phone.

  Since 2006, the Youth Rights Protection Department of the Communist Youth League Central Committee opened the 12355 Youth Service Hotline, which provides psychological counseling and legal assistance to young people, and similar consultations have been carried out almost every day.

In 2019, the 12355 service desk in Shanghai, Nanjing, Taiyuan, Wuhan, Kunming and Guangdong Province was jointly established as the first batch of "Youth 12355" regional centers in the country.

  All localities actively explore the new work model of 12355 in the new era, gather professional strength, link multi-resources, and create network and offline brand projects. This telephone hotline that has been ringing for 15 years has continued to comfort every uneasy heart and accompany everyone. A young person grows up healthily.

  Specialization: Focus on solving youth "growth troubles"

  "Now Xiaohao has a much more cheerful personality, and his body is gradually recovering. We will contact Xiaohao regularly to understand his life and learning situation, and we will also provide him with two years of psychological counseling services and social worker follow-up services." Guo Jianyong, director of the 12355 Youth Service Desk, still remembers the scene when he saw Xiaohao, a 7-year-old boy in Maoming, Guangdong, in the ward for the first time last year. “Now, we learned through the return visit that Xiaohao who has received professional psychological counseling has gradually disappeared from the shadow of being abused by his parents. It’s a good sign."

  In October 2020, the news that Xiaohao's father used a cigarette butt and a lighter to cause third-degree burns to Xiaohao's arms aroused public attention.

The Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Guangdong 12355 Youth Service Desk contacted Xiaohao’s uncle urgently to provide Xiaohao with legal aid, psychological counseling, social fundraising and other services. It also cooperated with local public security and prosecutorial agencies to grasp and follow up on Xiaohao’s The circumstances of the case.

  "When he first came into contact, Xiaohao was psychologically vigilant, anxious, in a defensive state, and was accompanied by disinhibition, impulse control disorders and other tendencies." Guo Jianyong told a reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily. Xiaohao will shout loudly and resist him very much. The psychologist will comfort and guide him, and use his most trusted grandmother to encourage him to eliminate Xiaohao's psychological fear."

  After Xiaohao was discharged from the hospital, Guangdong 12355 Youth Service Desk shifted its focus to helping Xiaohao return to a normal life, such as guiding Xiaohao after amputation to correctly view other people's queries and adapting to a series of problems such as writing difficulties caused by finger defects.

  Professional solutions to young people’s psychological and legal issues have always been one of the core tasks of the 12355 Youth Service Desk.

Especially during the epidemic, young people's psychological problems frequently appeared. The 12355 youth service desks in various places rely on professional teams to mobilize more than 18,000 psychological counselors and related professional forces, mobilize a team of psychological experts to take turns on duty, and provide psychological assistance services online.

  As one of the six major regional centers in the country, Wuhan 12355 Youth Service Desk opened 6 Internet telephones and opened a 24-hour psychological assistance hotline during the epidemic. In the "post-epidemic" stage, it also opened 17 urban two-level psychological services. The telephone hotline for assistance provides professional psychological counseling to key groups such as minors from infected minors and minors from infected families, as well as ordinary young people and their parents.

  Linkage: Multi-departmental cooperation to intervene to help cases

  "My name is Chen Jia, I am 17 years old and I am studying in Qingdao high school. I suffer from severe depression. My mother's death hit me a lot, and my father is a bit irritable. I really want to end my life!" Chen Jia was emotional on the phone. , Even took the initiative to hang up the phone.

  After the Shanghai 12355 youth service desk operator called back many times and failed to connect, he immediately referred the case to the Qingdao Municipal Committee through the League Central Committee and formed a case team to synchronize the development of the case on the WeChat group in real time, contacting family members and the community for crisis intervention.

The Qingdao Municipal Committee of the Youth League contacted Chen Jia through the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and relevant units in the neighborhood and community, and provided professional psychological consultation for him, and formulated a normalized "one-to-one" intervention and assistance plan.

  "In 2020, we will receive 28,545 electricity, of which 20% to 30% of calls from other provinces and cities, cross-regional linkage work is not uncommon." Xu Rui, director of the Shanghai Youth Services and Rights Protection Office, introduced, "Last year We have also jointly launched the country’s first provincial-level supervision platform for the protection of minors’ rights and interests with the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate and the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League to jointly build a complex for the protection of minors’ rights.

  The linkage of 12355 work in various places is also reflected in the cooperation between different functional departments.

  "My grandson, Xiaoyu, who is 10 years old this year, is often beaten by his father. In 2018, he was beaten unconscious and admitted to the hospital for treatment. He reported the case and went to the hospital for injury appraisal, but the public security organs did not open the case." March 2020, Kunming, Yunnan The staff at the 12355 Youth Service Desk received a call from a grandmother to consult about the transfer of custody of her grandson. Considering the harm caused by domestic violence to minors, the staff quickly contacted the Kunming Women’s Federation and the Domestic Violence Assistance Social Work Agency to intervene.

  "In order to mediate the conflict between grandma and Xiaoyu's parents, we urge Xiaoyu's parents to study the Anti-Domestic Violence Law and the Minor Protection Law, and improve their education methods. The investigation team also issued a warning to Xiaoyu's father if similar situations occur again. , Will take necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the children.” said Sun Hejun, deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee of the Youth League, Department of Rights and Interests.

  "We have established the'Judicial Social Service Center for Juveniles' together with the Municipal Procuratorate and the Youth League Committee; we have united with more than 20 functional departments including the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Civil Affairs Bureau to establish the "Dalian Youth Education and Protection-12355 Youth Service Platform Case Transfer Intermediary linkage working mechanism"..." Bai Jie, deputy director of the Social Organization Work Department of Dalian City Group Organization Comprehensive Service Center, said that because of the diverse types of problems for minors, they often involve the work of different departments. How to promote inter-departmental coordination and accurately distinguish Different types such as protection type, family dysfunction type, need psychological support type, growth dilemma type, and then clarify the division of responsibilities will be the focus of the future 12355 platform construction.

  Multi-carrier: Build the platform around young people

  "In 2017, we launched Shanghai's first online consultation service platform for teenagers,'Qingxiaochao', and built the service platform around teenagers and their parents to realize'talking warmly anytime, anywhere'." Xu Rui believes that pioneering The 12355 service in the form of multiple carriers is more conducive to getting closer to young people.

  "On the basis of the traditional hotline, we have also added WeChat, QQ and other online consultation service channels for young people, and we have also developed a WeChat applet called'Yunqing Care-a mobile phone to protect growth'." said Yang Juan, director of the Kunming Youth Activity Center.

  The 12355 youth service desks in various regions have also promoted the development of service entities, and carried out activities such as "easy preparation for 12355 to walk with you" decompression psychological counseling to narrow the distance with the youth.

  Starting from July 2020, in order to help young people affected by the epidemic, their families, and young employed and entrepreneurial youths to overcome the "post-epidemic syndrome", Wuhan 12355 launched the "Colorful Youth, Warm Heart and Love" Post-epidemic Youth Psychological Support Project and "Warm Companionship" "Born to the sun" post-epidemic psychological assistance program, "12355 Focus on Growth-Campus Tour, Community Tour, Enterprise Tour" and other projects, through online and offline lectures, group counseling, individual consultation, psychological support activities, group organization building activities, etc. It provides psychological services for many schools, enterprises and communities in Wuhan.

  "We will use professional psychological assessment methods such as'Fang Shuren' painting or sand table games to understand the child's personality characteristics, self-image, potential trauma and inner energy in offline activities." Wu, Hubei Wuhan 12355 Youth Service Desk Director Wu Jing told a reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily.

  In Shanghai, adolescent psychology and legal professional consultation and the "Guardian of Youth" charity course provide adolescents with entertaining and entertaining psychological teaching; in Nanjing, "Factually Unsupported Children" participate in the summer vacation of "Children Enjoy Sunshine·Hope to Have a Date" Charity summer camp activities, through on-site visits, immersive experiences, and integration interactions, while enhancing the sense of urban integration and repairing the trauma of the soul; in Suzhou, the "joint guardianship and growth" child protection public welfare propaganda team went to the cities (districts), towns (streets) and townships (streets) of Suzhou ), village (community) schools, publicize and care about children’s laws and regulations, teach parent-child communication skills, preach mental health self-care, and establish a protection network for minors.

  (At the request of interviewees, Ma Xiang, Xiaohao, and Chen Jia are all pseudonyms.)

  China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily reporter Wang Shanshan Source: China Youth Daily