▲ A textbook on Korean history in the United States containing the claims of the Japanese right

The Japanese military comfort women decided to stop publishing until the US publishing company, which published a textbook on Korean history with the content of a self-selling woman, acknowledged the error and corrected the problem.

Lee Jin-hee, a professor of history at Eastern Illinois State University, said he had been promised corrective action from Cornella Academic Public, who published a textbook with distorted content on the 8th local time.

The Korean history textbook in question is'The Making of Korea in East Asia: A Korean History', written by Chizco Allen, the director of International Research Fellowship at Hawaii University.

The book contains unfounded claims that Japanese military comfort women victims "have signed a contract to sell themselves or to engage in prostitution for two to three years after receiving an advance payment to pay off the debt of the head of the household."

In response, the publisher explained that during the editing process, experts pointed out problems related to comfort women and requested the author to revise the draft.

However, the author did not modify the comfort women part, and the editors, who had been chased by time, missed it and went into printing.

In an e-mail sent to Professor Lee who requested investigation after discovering the problem, the publisher admitted responsibility, saying, "We are sorry for the publication of the book with inaccurate information."

At the same time, I promised that the textbook would not be printed with the same content until the problem was fixed.

The publisher explained that it is considering distributing already printed books with error notices if they are adopted as textbooks for the fall semester in September.

It has been confirmed that the author of this book, Alan, argued for colonial vision, and repeatedly claimed that the Koreans were also in a positive position.

Mr. Alan has recently been actively engaged with Japanese right-wing academia, and in March made a presentation denying the forced mobilization of Japanese imperialists at the Asian Conference held in the United States.

(Photo = Eastern Illinois State University YouTube capture, Internet capture, Yonhap News)