Finding a vaccination center capable of accommodating us can quickly turn into a puzzle.

While the vaccination against Covid will be drastically extended, Europe 1 takes stock of the methods that exist to keep abreast of the doses available.

"Everyone was saying things, different platforms to use."

Vaccination is speeding up and many people are wondering how to get their injection as quickly as possible.

Those over 50 will be able to be vaccinated against Covid from Monday and those over 18 will be able, from Wednesday, to take advantage of doses if they have not been reserved 24 hours in advance.

This risks creating congestion and high demand.

Some people are already seeing that there are no more appointments available.

Also, several sites and applications exist to see more clearly and facilitate the procedures in order to make sure not to miss an opportunity.

Europe 1 takes stock of the possibilities that exist.

Several standby devices

The best known of these is obviously Doctolib, the online medical appointment booking site.

For vaccination, all you have to do is indicate your city, the criteria for which you are eligible for vaccination and then you can choose, depending on what is available, the date and a vaccination center or a pharmacy to receive your dose.

Doctolib is the most used site and on Friday reached a record: 524,000 people made an appointment in 24 hours.

Among them, a young man very satisfied with the result.

"I made an appointment last Friday because of my asthma, it was very fast," confirms the young vaccine.


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The only downside is that you often have to update the site to successfully reserve a niche.

Same problem on TousantiCovid.

"I watch several times indeed, several times a day, I tried but there were no slots", confirms a user.

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To avoid this, applications do it automatically.

"I made my appointment on Quickly my dose because on Doctolib it was bugging", explains another user.

Indeed, Vite ma dose, which references all the appointments available nearby, is on the rise.

Other sites can also allow you to be vaccinated even if you are not eligible.

This is the case with Covidlist or COVID Anti-waste.

These sites contact registrants if there are any unused doses left at the end of the day. 

No doses for everyone immediately

These applications will be able to support the opening to people over 18 on Wednesday.

Elias Orphelin, contributor for Vite ma dose in charge of the device, confirms this: "Anyone can go to the mobile applications or to the site when they want to, find out if the vaccination centers have doses. In addition, we will be able to subscribe to a center to receive a notification when in that center, a dose is available ". 


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However, he warns of disappointments.

Not everyone will be able to find a niche right away.

Indeed, 20 million people are affected by enlargement for only 20,000 doses available overnight.

There remains the refractory to the use of applications which find it "painful" to enter your email address and password.

For them, you have to call and try your luck, but the result is more hazardous ...