China: The remnants of the missile fell in the Indian Ocean, west of the Maldives

According to official Chinese media, the remnants of the largest Chinese missile fell in the Indian Ocean on Sunday, adding that most of its components were destroyed as soon as it entered the atmosphere, ending days of speculation about the location of the debris.

The coordinates provided by the Chinese official media, citing the Chinese Manned Space Engineering Office, indicate that the impact site is the Indian Ocean, west of the Maldives.

The Office of Space Engineering said that most of the components of the "Long March 5B" missile were burned in the atmosphere.

State media reported that parts of the missile entered the atmosphere at 10:24 am Beijing time (02:24 GMT) and landed at a location at 72.47 degrees east longitude and 2.65 north latitude.

The Long March missile, which was launched last week, was the second type of "5B" after its first flight in May 2020. Last year, parts of the first "Long March 5B" missile fell in the Ivory Coast and caused damage to some buildings, but there were no reports of injuries. Ta.

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