China News Service, May 8th. According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), the Japanese government admitted for the first time on the 6th that the Ministry of Finance had tampered with official documents. There did exist a note recording the tampering of relevant audit documents of Moriyu Academy, which was caused by suicide. Organized by the staff of the Kinki Finance Bureau.

The document will be submitted to the court in a lawsuit filed by the male wife on June 23.

  Akagi Toshio, a 54-year-old employee of the Kinki Finance Bureau, was forced to participate in the tampering of relevant review documents of Moriyu Academy, and then committed suicide.

It is believed that Akagi compiled a document and left it in the unit, which recorded the tampering process in detail. The document was called the "Akagi Document."

Akagi's wife Masako had sued the government and others before requesting the disclosure of this document.

  Prior to this, the Japanese government did not disclose whether this document exists, on the grounds that "it is not necessary for litigation."

  However, in March 2021, the Osaka District Court urged the government to make this document public. To this end, the government changed its policy and acknowledged to Masako in writing for the first time on the evening of May 6 that the document did exist, and stated that it would be released on June 23. Japan submits documents to the court.

  The government’s written reply indicated that the "Akagi Documents" were bound with chronological documents recording the history of tampering, as well as emails and attachments between the Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance and the Kinki Finance Bureau.

The government stated that it will blacken some of the personal information in the document that is not related to the lawsuit and make it public.

  In view of the fact that the documents left by Akagi will be made public, people are generally concerned about the reason and process of the tampering, and whether there will be new facts in the future.

  In 2017, the Japanese Mori Tomo Academy was exposed by the media that it had obtained state-owned land valued at nearly 1 billion yen at a price of 100 million yen for the construction of elementary schools. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s wife Abe Akie also served as the reputation of the elementary school. principal.

Following the in-depth investigation, it was discovered that dozens of people from the Ministry of Finance participated in tampering and destroying relevant approval documents.

  In February 2020, the first-instance verdict of the case was announced. The former chairman of Moriyu Academy, Tainori Uageike, was sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment, and his wife, Uageike Maeko, was sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment with a suspension of 5 years.