Together with Lee Nak-yeon, the former leader of the Democratic Party put forward a national vision of'a country that protects my life' and entered a full-fledged presidential campaign.

Former CEO Nak-Yeon Lee gave a special lecture on the theme of'The Country That Protects My Life-An Inclusive Responsible Government and the Vision of an Innovative Leading State' at the inauguration ceremony of the'New Welfare Gwangju Forum' held at the Kim Dae-jung Center in Gwangju on the afternoon of the 8th.

In a special lecture, former CEO Lee said, "I will fight to relieve the people's anger, the people's pain, and the people's worries. I will fight to make the people struggle less today and worry less about tomorrow. I will fight to protect the lives of the people. I will."

He explained, "It is my dream to create a better society in a situation where the income, life and future of the people become unstable, and my national vision is'a country that protects my life'."

Former CEO Lee proposed the'new welfare system', which has been emphasized since the time he was in office as the party's representative, as a core policy.

President Lee said, "President Dae-jung Kim laid the cornerstone, and the welfare system developed by President Roh Moo-hyun and Moon Jae-in should be improved and expanded." "The new welfare system is the one where the state is responsible for the lives of all citizens in the field of living.

While former CEO Lee presented his national vision and started the presidential campaign in earnest, a support meeting based in Gwangju was also started.

With the inauguration ceremony of the'New Welfare Gwangju Forum' at 3 pm today, we plan to develop policies related to the'New Welfare System', which former CEO Lee put forward, and continue activities to draw consensus among many citizens.