The Myanmar Army has announced that it has designated its own government and defense forces, which were launched by pro-democracy forces, as terrorist organizations.

It seems that the aim is to strengthen the crackdown on the pro-democracy and to prevent the increase in centripetal force.

Members of a political party led by Aung San Suu Kyi, who was detained by the Myanmar army, organized a "Committee Representing Political Assembly" to counter the army, and in April, launched its own government, the "National Unified Government." Claims to be an orthodox government chosen by the people.

It also announced on May 5 that it had formed a unit called the "National Defense Forces" to protect people from military crackdowns.

In response, the Tatmadaw announced on state television on the night of the 8th that these organizations had been designated as terrorist organizations, saying they were causing terrorist bombings, arson, murder, and intimidation in many places. ..

In Myanmar, many people have expressed their support for the organizations launched by the pro-democracy forces at rallies protesting the coup d'etat and on SNS, and the centripetal force is increasing.

Contact with designated terrorist organizations is also subject to punishment under Myanmar law.

With this designation, the military is expected to strengthen its crackdown on pro-democracy organizations and to prevent the increase in centripetal force.

Pipeline related facilities for China are attacked

On May 5, the Myanmar army was attacked in Mandalay, the second largest city in central Japan, on a facility related to a pipeline that sends natural gas and crude oil from the Indian Ocean to China, and three members of security forces were guarding it. Revealed that he died.

As China opposes sanctions on the Myanmar military at the UN Security Council, there is growing opposition among Myanmar citizens protesting the coup d'etat, saying that it is defending the military, and for China on the Internet Attacks on the pipeline, an important facility, were being called for.

As a result, local media reported that China had called on the Myanmar military to strengthen its pipeline security.