Due to a school year very disrupted by the Covid-19, the 2021 bac exams will be adapted, in particular in philosophy and in French, but there will be no full continuous assessment.

Anger of the National High School Movement which denounces "DIY".

On Europe 1 on Saturday, its secretary general Antonin Nouvian called for a new mobilization of high school students on Monday.

The proposals made Wednesday by the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer did not calm the sling of high school unions.

"The movement will continue, will grow. On Friday, there were 210 high schools blocked, despite all the repression. We are calling from Monday for the mobilization of high school students", proclaimed Antonin Nouvian, secretary general of the National High School Movement (MNL) Saturday morning on Europe 1.

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"Jean-Michel Blanquer does not provide real solutions"

At issue: the arrangements for the 2021 bac. High school unions asked that the exam be passed in continuous control, due to the Covid-19 health crisis which has largely disrupted lessons since the start of the school year. Jean-Michel Blanquer, however, announced that the grand oral, a flagship event to take place for the first time this year, would be maintained. On the other hand, for the philosophy test, the mark of continuous assessment will be retained if it is better than that of the written test. "It's DIY," responded Antonin Nouvian. "Jean-Michel Blanquer does not provide real solutions. Besides this fact, he does not answer health questions and in addition, he still forgets high school students from the professional, high school students in CAP and BTS", he continued.

On Europe 1, Antonin Nouvian also criticized Jean-Michel Blanquer for not having received all the high school organizations. "He has always refused to meet high school union organizations who have called for mobilization. He insists on receiving a high school organization close to Avenir lycéen, a former association which had been pointed out by an investigation by


(also according to


, this high school union, created in 2018, was initiated by the Ministry to support the government's proposals and serve the communication of the Minister, editor's note) ", continued Antonin Nouvian.

Guest of Europe 1 Monday evening, Jean-Michel Blanquer said he was "open to possible arrangements", but repeated that he wanted "that we do not go to full continuous control".