China News Service, May 8th. In the past two days, a news that "3,532 mutated strains of new crowns have been detected in India" has been widely spread on Chinese social networks, causing concerns among netizens, and many media have also followed up on reports.

But in fact, this news is a misreading of related reports.

The original intent of the report was that India had sequenced the genes of about 13,000 samples, of which 3,532 had "mutations of concern".

Image source: Screenshot of the Hindustan Times report.

  The media, including the "Hindustan Times", reported the news in a relatively brief manner, which may be the reason for the misunderstanding.

The Hindustan Times stated in the manuscript that the Indian government announced on the 5th that India had discovered a total of 3,532 "Sars-CoV-2 variants of concern" in 27 states instead of "3532." New crown mutant strain".

  Check the news from other Indian media to find a more detailed and clear statement.

The "India Express" report showed that among the 3532 "mutations of concern" samples, 1527 had B.1.617 mutations.

Image source: Screenshot of "India Express" report.

  This report also clearly explained the "mutations of concern".

According to the Indian Express, the Indian government has included B.1.617 and B.1.1.7 (the first mutant virus found in the UK), B.1.351 (the earliest discovery in South Africa) and P1 (the earliest discovery in Brazil). "Mutations Worthy of Concern".

  The Indian Tribune further reported that of the 3532 cases of "mutations of concern", 1982 cases occurred in the states of Maharashtra, Delhi and Punjab.

The main variant in Maharashtra is B.1.617, while the main variant in Delhi and Punjab is B.1.1.7.

Image source: A screenshot of the Indian Tribune report.

  According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health of India on May 8, in the past 24 hours, there were 401,078 new confirmed cases of new crown in India, with a total of more than 21.89 million confirmed cases; 4,187 new deaths in India and a total of 238,270 deaths.