US President Joe Biden met after April's employment statistics fell far short of market expectations, saying that it would take more time to improve employment, with a new economic policy of over 400 trillion yen. Emphasized the need.

According to the April employment statistics released by the US Ministry of Labor on the 7th, the unemployment rate turned worse for the first time in a year, and the number of new workers was sluggish, far below the optimistic market expectations.

In response, President Biden said in a press conference, "Our efforts are beginning to take effect, but the uphill slopes are steep and there is still a long way to go."

He said, "Don't underestimate this tough battle. Build an economy where everyone has a chance." Aiming to expand the middle class, $ 4 trillion for infrastructure development and child-rearing support, 400 trillion yen in Japanese yen He emphasized the need to implement new economic policies that go beyond.

The US economy continues to recover, but the employment statistics show employment mismatches where companies can't secure manpower even if they want to increase their workforce.

Opposition and Republican lawmakers have criticized the Biden administration's support measures, saying, "The reason why the number of workers does not increase is that they are motivated to work with excessive support such as extension of unemployment insurance period and cash benefits." However, the offense and defense of the ruling and opposition parties over new economic policies is likely to intensify.