, May 8th. According to the US "World Journal" report, although the speed of the Los Angeles industry's resumption of work is still affected by the haze of the epidemic, Chinese businesses are doing their best for the coming Mother's Day, and large flower shops, restaurants, and pastry shops take out goods. Plenty and orders are flooded.

  This Sunday is the annual Mother's Day. Large stores and supermarket chains such as Costco, Albertsons, Trader Joe's, Sprout, etc. have already put the Mother's Day flowers on the market in advance.

At Albertsons, the flowers for Mother’s Day range from single roses and bears for $1.49, to a dozen roses for $9.99, to flower arrangements for hundreds of dollars.

The clerk said that this year’s Mother’s Day flowers are the most diverse in styles and prices. After a year of epidemic, people’s attitudes towards life have changed a lot, and family affection has become stronger. No matter how much money it is, they love their mothers, wives and family members. The expression is as enthusiastic.

  In the Chinese community, Jenie, owner of San Gabriel Campanulaceae, said that so far, almost no orders have been received.

However, Chinese who do not like reservations may also make temporary purchases to give mothers a surprise.

  Although Los Angeles County has entered the yellow stage starting on the 6th and businesses have further opened up, many families who are still worried about the epidemic still plan to celebrate their mothers at home for the New Year, which has successively affected the dine-in positioning of large Chinese restaurants, but many Chinese restaurants Merchants said that their take-out orders on Mother's Day are gratifying.

  David Huang, owner of El Monte Cuihe Food Court, said that he has received a lot of party takeaway orders, and more than half are orders for more than ten people. It seems that some Chinese will host family reunions on Mother's Day.

Having been in the catering industry for more than 20 years, David returned to the small shop run by his wife to help after the large restaurant he had served for dine-in closed in the past year. Unexpectedly, the small restaurant’s takeaway continued to rise, and the business grew by at least 20% in the past year. .

  Golden Tang, the owner of a Taiwanese gourmet restaurant, said that so far, their two branches in Rosmeet and Industrial City are different. They have not received large reservations for indoor dining, but there are a lot of takeaway orders for Mother's Day.

He analyzed that one is that the tourism industry has yet to recover, and the other is that many Chinese are still more cautious. Although the epidemic has eased and many people have been vaccinated, they are still very careful to drag their families out for meals. The long queues and other positions celebrate the grand occasion of Mother's Day, which is difficult to appear this year.

(Yang Qing)